Law of attraction

Hey how’s it going I hope your having a unbelievable day let’s get into the LOA so far we covered the law of averages then the law of attitude if you missed it no worries just check out the other two post the law of attraction has gotten a lot of hype since the secret I’m sure you’ve heard of it basically covers the meta physical side of the The law of attraction about thoughts and how they literally change your physiology your immune systems and they called it the secret. 

Rhonda Bryant brought together people who teach the law of attraction for a living & made a movie about it the result a world wide sensation of people talking about New age thinking & Getting it confused with The Law of Attraction.

Here’s my reasoning New age is positive thinking mixed with spirituality & physicals which I am all for I believe in the mind body connection 1000% but the law of attraction is not just a mental thing its a physical thing.

That’s very real like static electricity the law of attraction is like mirror and what ever you put in you get back literally pure transmission which means what ever you think all day and feel all day thats what you will get in a physical level.

i will explain No were not crazy were practical and like particles I am sure you have heard of E= mc2 right energy = mass OK so that means everything in the universe is either mass sold objects like a mountain or energy non sold objects like a liquid like a river make sense see the way the law of attraction.

Works is off of vibrations every thing in the universe vibrates or gives off of vibrations they measure positive vibes or negative vibes .

How do we know our vibes based off of how something or someone makes us feel alright so let’s go into the hard to explain attraction part of the law that’s  very simple yet still .

Unusually have you ever thought about calling someone then they called you. Or have you ever said you wanted something maybe your favorite food really bad then next thing u know someone brings it to you.

OK its just that simple what you constantly feel you attract more of those situations,I’m sure you experienced situations where don’t feel right but u still take action then something bad happens,OK those were bad vibes. 

To the contrary have u ever felt good about a person you just meet whether be a business partner & Alkazam next thing you know that person brings your company alive or you marry the friendly stranger at the Christmas party who’s eyes locked with urs ,those are called vibes .

THE only difference is what the law of attraction we keep sending out good vibes intentionally. So life isn’t a random series of events there will be changes in life make no mistake about it. Yet you drastically change the odds in your favor by 1000%.

By setting a better sail and the law of attraction states what ever thoughts I hold in my mind I will bring into my reality. Which is common sense at first . Yet on a quantum physics level its is the same as atoms that are positive stick with those that are positive electrons & negative ions or like forces going there way . 

To keep it simple Like attracts like birds of a feather flock together. OK I’m about to go all doctor Seuss on y’all there’s one more quote  that says watch your thoughts because they turn into words watch your words because words turn into actions watch your actions because actions  turn into habits watch your habits because habits turn into char watch your char because char turns into Desitiney. 

To make it complex thoughts travel at 100,000 miles per hour,out there the aka ether the outer  space  where radio waves and electronic signals go to maybe all the emotional energy or sprits are floating, I’m not to clear how it happens, we know one thing. 

Our thoughts pick up on the energy based off our emotions the emotions aka energy in motion amplifies the intention and actives the law of attraction where good luck or bad luck happens. where we be gain to pull circumstance good or bad based off of our thoughts not one thought but the more emotion a thought has the more magnetic it will become. 

So how do we figure out to use the loa its very simple how to use it but once its going its like creating a monster, Hard to stop either you go up & have up ward spirals the come up or down ward spirals aka down falls, you need purpose or intention to use the law of attraction to get what u want u must know first what u want.

Next blog I will cover that purpose and passion until next time stay positive will you.

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