The law of Averages

Hey hows it going out there today were gonna talk about the law of averages and Working for your self’s or owning your own business they both are similar concepts yet slightly different if you ever read or heard of rich dad poor dad you would probably familiar with the four cash flow quadrants the hardest things to do in america is to go from the employee working for a company aka a system a corporation to the Business owner side of things aka you own the system the business that offers value to others and in turn the market place pays you and your company money for the value you they say nine out of ten businesses fail see that’s where so many people get discouraged but I am sure you will succeed since your reading this is .

what we call the law of averages I am sure you have played sports before or know someone that has before if you take 20 shots with a basket ball and make 10 how many will you have to take to make 20 at least  double 40 OK. How does that apply to you in your area of life I covered sports next Dateing how many dates do you go on before you find that person for you because I hate to say it but its Tru its a numbers game probably 6 but there is the exception to the rule where there loa was greatly turned in there favor life’s not Fair and we like it that way because if it was fair all men would be given the same job amount of ambition and no matter how hard u work ur life and sucess would always be equal to someone who probably doesn’t even care and lives life on auto pilot.

Well the Good news is that its not Tru we determine our self worth and net worth . Health and the law of average goes into fitness believe me there’s tons of different ways of looking at health and for this blogs sake were going to use weight loss let’s say ur 215 a 5,8 women and ur looking to slim down 40 pounds to 175 you jog 1mile a day at the end of a five day week u lost 2 pounds so it will take an average of 4-5 months to hit your goal that’s what’s up. 

Now its basically probability that what you might be thinking yet it is and I agree just taking probabilities, bending them to your favor to the positive because Its all bout getting what u want in life and not what u don’t want so I will go deeper on this principal of success. Yes it is one of the many successful principals I promise I shall cover all of them. 

Also it fuels the law of action it states that for every action you take you get a reward or for every action that u don’t take there’s no reward . Remember this is a positive blogg about getting what you  want so we will focus on Good actions for this post . OK so the law of averages says if I do something long enough a ratio will appear .

What that means to us that if we stay consistent and don’t quit we shall win. Also they tells us that if were not results.

Its Not because of loa its because of the other Loa if your into personal development you probably guess it right.

The Golden law the law of attitude we will cover this universal power. I call it the golden law just because its as powerful as law of averages if not more powerful until next time.


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