Passion vs purpose

Hey how’s it going as promised to day were going over purpose and passion  how do you know.

What your supposed to do I’m not speaking of task or responbilities. We are talking  about purpose.

The thing u were born to do . No questions How do you know if someone, is living in there purpose . All i gotta do is say a saying ” I wanna be like mike” all you were thinking about him.

Michael Jordan is A. legend Why because he was was passionate about his purpose. Unless you were born under a rock, you know  his passion is basket ball of course so is his purpose.

Next I am going to share with you the two keys to unlock the Door to your destiny.

The first key is anything that you are naturally good at like utility. Fords f150 truck its  good for pulling. That’s its purpose to pull things, Built tough Sounds familiar.

You must look for the things you are already good at. 

the second key to purpose is to ask your self why. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you know why. Eighty percent of anything is how the other 20 is why.

So figure out why you are here that might take a while That’s.Great,Nothing Great happed over night its a process we all had to go through.Those who know there purpose we all had to look in the mirror.

While doing so ask our self’s a question why are we here.Or the opposite effect where we had to all most be told to stop doing something. then realize that’s why were,That being  
obsessed with it. The hobbies or passion is one from of our purpose.

The second key is passion its all about the thing you would do for free with out pay? It should consume your every thought.

If you had all your needs meet, what would u do if you were Rich. Most people say things like new cars,but once that rush is over.What do you really want to do with the rest of your life.

Think about take a few mins to figure this out,Get a pen paper take your time. Got it if you did that’s your passion. 

Nine times out of ten you can tie your passion the thing, your obsession to your purpose. Most likely its the thing you would do spend time doing something that’s consuming yet productive.

Nothing like getting high all day or sex those aren’t  usually passions. I believe you have a higher calling then carnal satisfaction.Yet if that’s what you choose to do more power to you. 

Would you imagine what would happen if you pulled off those two things and combined them.

So purpose you know what ur Good at why you were born . Then you find your passion the thing that you won’t stop doing almost can’t stop. So you find a away to link those, two together .You would be unstoppable that’s what our next post is all about.

Passion + purpose = power  

Hey I can’t wait to dive in to this next post

thanks I hope you enjoyed



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